April 1, 2016

24 Hour Toy Break Updates From Internet Loser, SpiderEarth!

Hello, everyone!  I hope you're all ready!  Tomorrow, April 1st, starting at 5pm PST (8pm EST for me) the awesome toy marathon called 24 Hour Toy Break will be on it's 2016 voyage.  I hope we all have our coffees, energy drinks, and refrigerators full of sugary soda, plus we get some really awesome news and maybe some secret releases here and there.  In fact, there is really no clue what's going to happen.  All you can do is watch and find out, but I'll do my part to help as well!

I luckily have the time away from work to watch it all, but I imagine others won't be so lucky.  Heck, maybe some will succumb to a quick nap and miss a couple hours, like I did last year.  To help out, I will do my very best to be there watching and maybe in the chat room the entire time, and if I get any big news or interesting info, I'll update this exact post here with an EST time stamp.  That way, whether you're watching it with me or showing up late or catching up on some lost time, I'll do my best to keep all Keshi Drop readers in the know.


[April 1st - 6:50pm EST]

Hey, everyone!  Here's the first of what I hope is many updates on the 24 Hour Toy Break event happening in just a couple hours through tomorrow!  It seems even before it started, a top secret Kickstarter project went live!  It's a pretty awesome Toy Break 10th Anniversary Coin.  It sure its collectible and all that, but there's also a cool feature for all those collectors who can't decide whether to keep a toy in the box or to take it out and play with it.  Now you can give the coin a flip and let fate decide it.  Even sillier, test it out on that super rare Two Face action figure you still have mint in it's packaging in the closet.

You can snag one of these guys for just ten clams, but you sadly don't have a lot of time to be on the fence about it.  As I am typing this, only 53 hours remain on the project, but looks very promising at 77% to it's goal already.  So get on it already!  Here's the link!


[April 1st - 9:00pm EST]

The coin is officially funded, so everyone who tosses in ten tacos will get their own 10th Anniversary flipper.  A stretch goal was announced as well, that will include a protective plastic case, if the project reaches another $600.

[April 2nd - 12:10am EST]

Brian, from Spy Monkey Creations, dropped by the Toy Break couch, and what he showed off was his new Glyos compatible mini-figure line called Battle Tribes!  These guys are very cool, especially if you dig the classic He-Man aesthetic and influence.  While being showed off, these guys were revealed that Battle Tribes: Weapons & Warriors Wave 1 will go on sale at 6:00pm PST, Friday April 8th, 2016 in the Spy Monkey Creations web-store. 


[April 2nd - 6:00am EST]

After some behind-the-scene technical difficulties with Blogger, I'm back with a little update with the new Battle Tribes coming out April 8th.  Painted ones will be $15, but a limited run of unpainted ones (Hello, keshi fans!) will also be on sale for a super bargain of $10.  Word is there are a smaller run of unpainted ones, so you'll have to act quick on those.


[April 2nd - 8:00pm EST]

This show is over!  There was a lot of great auctions, jokes, and discussions.  Some of the wildest events were #GIDGATE, the Cheddar Bones meme, and all the ruckus with Tanya and a poor, blushing, George.  There have been many different styles of 24 Hour Toy Break, and this year was a more relaxed celebration of their 10th anniversary.  Although there wasn't a ton of crazy, door-busting, releases or news, there were a few interesting things of note.  Squid Kids Ink and Linda Panda both have new projects and possible Kickstarters in the pipe.  There was almost a leaked announcement from October Toys, but it was held off, so expect some big news in the weeks to come.

Alright, guys!  Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my stuff.  Time for some sleep.

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