April 15, 2016

April '16 OTMFG Slime Green BrainWaves + Kale Mini Gwin Drop!

Talk about a pleasant surprise!

I know I am a little late to the take on this one, but I don't even care.  One thing I really hoped would kick back into action this year was October Toys' monthly drops, and right now, on sale at their web-store, we have these two minty mini-figures.  Welcome back!

Making a return to the scene is the Mini Gwin and this solid green kale variant.  Now he's got his matching color to the classic Brocotal, and maybe fills that Angry Birds or parrot them in your collection.

The real star in this drop is that slimy green BrainWave!  Wow, look at this one!  You have to pick this guy up just to see how the colors and lights travel through his body in different angles, and you gotta' love how different the color appears in different body areas.  If you're hooked to taking mini-figure pictures outside, like I am during the summer, this guy sure does seem perfect for that.

And you know what, like always, these guys are a steal at two flippers a piece, so quick reading this and...


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