August 18, 2015

Mystical Warriors of the Ring AWF Championship Belt Leak!

Just leaked over social media, it looks like the guys over at MWOTR are expanding their accessories and play-set stuffs with a new functional AWF Championship Belt to scale with their wrestling mini-figures

Previously teased has been the steel cage set they have been working on, and this championship title is a great addition to that.

I think anyone growing up with any wrestling toys, from WWE guys to those huge LJN rubber figures and the mini Kinnikuman, wanted title belts and play sets to live out their fantasy matches, and finally, the wrestlers of AWF can have a title of their own.

Already released are the official ring and arena floor mat, so expect to complete the set rather soon from Mystical Warriors of the Ring.

Keep an eye on MWOTR stuff happening on their Facebook, Instagram, and their website at the link below!  And of course, check back here to Keshi Drop for more crazy stuff too!

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