August 12, 2015

Marvel 500 Blind Bag Mini-Figures!

Hasbro is at it again.  Visitors here may recall the Marvel Handful of Heroes line Hasbro did some few years ago.  Handful of Heroes found some success, especially where they were completely unpainted and had various colorways, but maybe ultimately doomed because of how thin and small a lot of the figures were.

Maybe that's the idea with Marvel 500.  They brought back the cast of super hero characters and brought them in a two inch scale closer to other popular mini-figure sets.  These guys have some significant chunkiness to them as well, which is a definite plus.

Of course, the somber sigh is the paint detailing, which looks minimalist and pretty terrible.  Again, it makes me wonder, why do paint, which is an extra expense, if it's this little and this bad?  Does it really make sure no one is happy with the final product?  People who want full detail paint will have to settle for slap-dash smudges that resemble hair or armor, and those who prefer nothing get little smudges that really could ruin the figure.  It's really baffling.

There are some in the line that are unpainted translucents and those are the ones on my radar.  I'd love to have a couple of them to have a closer look.

Marvel 500 is on Series Two right now, with twenty four figures per set, so that's that just under fifty to dig through for your special translucent ones. 

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