August 28, 2015

STGCC Special Color Greasebat Gummis!

By now, everyone must know about Jeffery Lamm's crazy kaiju characters.  They are in sofubi.  They are on t-shirts.  They are on posters.  They are in everything!  Even keshi minifigures!  In fact, their Greasebat Gummi set has become quite beloved by people all around, coming in pink, orange, and maybe a few other variants that escape me right now.

Good news for those kaiju-lovers out there.  The greasy-ones are back, and coming, from what I can tell by the teaser picture, very zoon.  In a special color version, Greasebat Gummis appear to be getting a possible metallic variant or variants in the new distant future.  It's still very hard to tell if this mean four new colorways are coming or just one rainbow set, but I think all the fans of Jeffery Lamm's work will be excited either way.

Those attending the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention, September 12-13, will certainly find out for sure, so pack your bags and get your plane tickets.  For those who won't be able to attend, here's hoping they hit Unbox Industries sometime after.

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