July 14, 2016

MWOTR Kansas City Comic Con Goliath and Title Belt Reveal!

Hey, everyone!  Just popping on real quick with some new information that I found rather interesting, and as it turns out, to be a slew of Mystical Warriors of the Ring reveals for KCCC.

Happening a little further away from San Diego and a little later, Kansas City Comic Con will be seeing the crew from Mystical Warriors of the Ring coming out in full-swing.

Lucky attendants to KCCC will be getting first whack at what the MWOTR crew has teased as two new Goliath variants, as well as some first looks at the Barker referee minifigure in the works as well as the championship titles in the works.  There's quite a lot in the pipe right now from these guys and I would not be surprised if we heard some word of what it all means sometime later this year.


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