July 31, 2016

Electric Monarchy's Figure 01 Bukk*ke Review!

Yo!  What's going on, everyone?  Enjoying these brutal heat waves yet?  Yeah, I didn't think so, but that's not why we're hanging out today.  Instead, let's dive into another keshi mini-figure review.

Full disclosure first, because even though I can be both an idiot and a jerk, not always at different times, I want to, at the very least be transparent.  I received this gooey ball of love free of charge from my friends in Germany.  I don't think that particularly affected my opinion in any way, but if you do think it could have, you're entitled to it and proceed with that in mind.  Hopefully you're entertained all the same.

Last month I covered the release of Electric Monarchy's first keshi mini-figure called Bukk*ke.  If you're are somehow the last human connected to the Internet to still be confused by my poor attempts of censorship, pick a vowel and google search it... at home.  Keshi Drop is not held responsible for what you google search on work computers.  But past all that, I encourage you to go back and check out that past article.  I had covered it's release info, but I also briefly mentioned how I really enjoyed something, in concept at least, that pushes the boundaries and makes people feel emotions or take a second look to digest.  And furthermore, can keshi mini-figures be an art platform powerful enough to change a mind or a feeling.  Could someone's mind be changed through keshi?  Could someone be repulsed and then pulled back?  Or aroused and then chilled?  I think there are as many cases in the world as there are people, so I certainly don't have the entire picture, but I wonder if that was the idea all along with Bukk*ke.

Bukk*ke is a two inch Glow In the Dark rubber resin mini-figure designed by Fint, produced by Tru;Tek, and sold through the ArtWhore web-store, but the real question is - does Bukk*ke stand up?  Whatever goals this gross little goop has, does it accomplish them?  Ultimately, I want you to go to the ArtWhore web-store yourself and take away your own opinions, but if you're here for Crazy Uncle SpiderEarth's I won't leave you empty handed.

This figure is solid has hell.  Even at height of two inches, something that's not terribly out of convention, Bukk*ke is a thick beast on all three dimensions.  Slug molded and static, just like the great Keshi Lords wanted, this guy doesn't turn paper thin when posed to the side.  Even without joints and articulation, you can put this monstrosity in a number of lively angles that work just well.  He's just a bulky, sloshing, beast trudging through, no matter how he's displayed.

Some people could say a dripping blob sculpt could leave more to be desired, but I would suggest a closer look.  There's indeed a shape and a character, or at least there once was, but with each step, seemingly another chunk of something wet and loose slips off the frame.  So challenge yourself.  What was it before and what is it after?  Or is there nothing under there at all?  Have you caught yourself interested or intrigued?  Pulled into curiosities surrounding something otherwise disgusting?  Was it the shapely cute character frame or gentle color choice?  Are you now worried you're too far into thinking about a sperm monster and hoping you remember where the mental exit door was?  If so, or something like that, I don't think you're alone at all.

If only Bukk*ke was a tad more subtle, it would be a powerful bait and switch piece, trapping the audience and demanding a reaction before anyone were the wiser, but as it stands now it's a wrecking ball of resin.  Maybe it never wanted to surprise you.  Maybe it wanted to knock down your door and demand your attention.  It was going to be the focal point.  It was going to be the conversation starter and there would be no way around it.  Then after some time, you'll wonder how something like Bukk*ke ruled your day.  You'll just stand there wondering what else Germany has in store, because after Bukk*ke, like me, you're interested.

A Keshi Drop thumbs up from me everyone.  Go to the link below to purchase yours.  There are still some left, as well as some other goods, so show some love and support and let's help Figure 01 grow into higher digits.


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