July 16, 2016

Joe Whiteford Offers Awesome BrainWaves... Offer!

Hey everyone!  Another real quick news blurb here!

We are days from San Diego Comic Con, and I am sure the people that are planning on going are super excited.  For those who can't make it, maybe they are just a little more interested for it to be over so things can start appearing in web-stores.  But I am here to tell you I found a pretty rockin' way to get your SDCC fix, without the crowds and before SDCC even happens.

Joe Whiteford, designer of the OTMFG character BrainWaves, is offering a pretty cool package deal, with low quantities still available.  If you skirt in before it all sells out, you can purchase a package that includes a BrainWaves shirt, sticker, button, trading card, and two BrainWaves mini-figures (artist proof pink and SDCC exclusive purple).  Pretty exciting, yes?

Follow the link below to snag one while they are still around!


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