November 11, 2015

OMFG Series Four Siren Artist Proof Drop!

Welcome back, everyone!

Long time readers of the blog will know that I'm a die-hard fan of the October Toys brand and OMFG in particular.  Maybe even some will remember my review of the latest set that came out earlier this year.  If so, then you'll understand why this drop excites me so much.

Not only in the review, but in the Toy Break contest that banked me a couple awesome sets of Series Four, I sung the Siren's praises.  Not only did I feel this minifigure was the one to get out of Series Four, but I feel this is the one to get out of all four sets.  The overall character design and sculpture was one point, and when you're talking about working within the restrictions of keshi, this one does a really fine job.

Available this very moment on the artist's online store is the hot pink Artist Proof colorway of the Siren that was featured in Series Four of OMFG.  For only five wiggle-wags you'll net one of these ocean divas for you own, but you won't be getting just her alone.  Along with her, you'll be getting a blue collective case and a signed poster from Corey Webb as well.

Pretty rocking deal if you ask me, so check it out!  Follow the link below!

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