November 17, 2015

NJPW World Showcasing Classic Kinnikuman Episodes!

Let's take a quick break away from all the Designer Con 2015 stuff, and chat about something completely different.  For those waiting for more D-Con updates, we'll be back to more of that very soon.

New Japan Pro Wrestling is a very large and very successful wrestling promotion based out of the land of the rising sun.  Think of it as the WWE, but focused heavily on in-ring maneuvers and a boxing/MMA style promotion.  I've been following it for years now, and it's very entertaining.  I certainly recommend it to any wrestling fan, but I do understand getting imported wrestling product isn't always the easiest.

New Japan does have a Video-On-Demand subscription service called NJPW World.  Think of it like Netflix or Hulu or anything else when it comes to watching movies and television shows on the Internet.  Not to sound like an advertisement, but for roughly 8 American a month, you can get all the prerecorded and live shows New Japan is doing throughout the year, and this little update is very awesome as well.

Subscribers to NJPW World can now enjoy classic Kinnikuman episodes #87-90, that take place during a tag team tournament that is also right around the corner for the Japanese wrestling promotion.  This is very cool, especially if you have never seen the classic anime that inspired the Kinnikuman/MUSCLE keshi minifigure line.

One piece of advice, however, if you are looking to join: the website is entirely in Japanese and can be a little hard to navigate, if you have no experience with the language.  There is plenty of third-party support however to help you.  I would suggest using Google Chrome when browsing NJPW World, where it has a built in translation function that helps out a little bit.  As well as that, there are plenty of resources on Reddit and other fan sites that can assist you with a tutorial or walk-through.  Worth a look for sure!

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