November 15, 2015

Catching Up With More D-Con15 Exclusives! Nemos! Godbeast!

Hey, everyone!  As previously stated, the news and updates about the releases coming to Designer Con 2015 have been soaring through the Internets.  Here's a couple more awesome looks at some - this time with a Glyos perspective.

You wouldn't have guessed tragedy hit Nemo's Factory just a short time ago.  Sure, it laid up the production lines and halted the mechanics hard at work, but now that seems like such a distant memory, especially how massively Nemo's Factory has risen from the ashes.  Arriving at Designer Con, Nemo's Factory will be selling three new colorways of the AV Robot, and from the image, they appear to be flesh tone, clear, and a deluxe gold with some sort of bronzing finish.  Very neat indeed, and it goes without saying that everyone should be dropping by their booth or online store to more information.

Secondly, The Godbeast has a new colorway for the Kabuto Mushi and Mini Mushi.  Imprinted with that signature Kinnikuman logo on his chest, you know exactly where this one is going.  A complete homage and love letter to the old school Kinnikuman/MUSCLE toy line, these flesh tone beetle berserkers look pretty amazing in this variant.  And the good thing about these guys is their parts can be mixed and matched with the AV Robot and Mystical Warriors of the Ring Evolution, so you can really make some scary creatures if you're imagination is up to the task.

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