November 16, 2015

Punkdrunkers Are Coming To Designer Con 2015!

Some days ago, the Japanese design company Punkdrunkers announced they would be at Designer Con 2015 later on this month.  Of course this is very awesome news for con goers, but Designer Con isn't exclusively keshi minifigures and Punkdrunkers hasn't dabbled in the stuff either since last February.  So, for someone who wouldn't be able to go this year, I wasn't exactly flipping out of my seat when I first heard the news.

Things have changed however.

Long time readers may recall last February as a time of huge regret for Crazy Uncle Yours Truly.  I had somehow fan-dangled the time away from work for the 24 Hour Toy Break stream, and I saved up a good amount of wiggle-wobbles to have myself a little shopping spree.  Weeks before the event, Punkdrunkers announced their collaborative minifigure they did with Onion Fights, and I was enthralled by it.  I needed it, and price be damned, it would be mine.  With my Paypal ready, I quested on through the 24 Hour night portion of the stream, ready for that next afternoon.

Long story short, I fell asleep.  I passed out and missed the drop.  I missed the drop so bad, by the time I woke up and figured out what time it was, the minifigure was sold out.  2015 has been a year of the 'keshi that got away' and I would be lying if I told you I wasn't every so often trolling through eBay and toy forums looking for anyone selling it.  

But now it's back!  Almost an entire year from when I missed it, the Punkdrunkers X Onion Fights collaboration keshi minifigure will be for sale at Designer Con 2015 at their booth, and you know I won't let this one go a second time.

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