November 18, 2015

Eric Nilla + Nama Niku Designer Con 2015 Exclusives!

I told you we would be right back to Designer Con stuff, so have no fear, today we are looking at some Eric Nilla and Nama Niku exclusives.

When it comes to rising independent artists and important figures in the American keshi community, Eric Nilla is certainly on that list.  You can't go anywhere and look at anything that hasn't been in someway a collaborative effort with Eric.  It seems like he's always working on something, whether that's sculpting or casting.  It goes without saying, Eric Nilla's presence as an American keshi artist is a strong one, and it doesn't seem to be shrinking anytime soon.

Debuting at Designer Con is Eric Nilla's very own Super Atomic Deluxe Ultra Mega Kaiju Fighter.  Inspired by the Japanese kaiju keshi, this beast of a minifigure has been sculpted and casted by Eric Nilla himself.  You know if you have at least one Ultraman or Godzilla keshi this guy is a must to complete the set, so make sure you get yourself to Designer Con or keep an eye on his website for future releases.

With Super Atomic Deluxe Ultra Mega Kaiju Fighter, Eric's collaboration with Nama Niku called Manzilla will be seeing it's final release.  If you have never picked up one of these beefy guys in the past, now is the time to get one before they are gone forever!

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