November 13, 2015

More Designer Con Goodness: Bunnywith and Niku Wrestling!

Hey everyone!  Welcome back!

Like promised, I knew there would be a giant avalanche of Designer Con stuff just on the horizon, and really, there is even more than I first expected.  Expect more updates in the coming days, as I try to keep up with it all to the best of my ability.

Today, however, we have additional news from the DKE Toys booth and their new clear orange colorway of Alex Pardee's BUNNYWITH minifigure set.  Last year was a delicious clear pink and they follow up with another great looking gummy set.  If you're into strange cute creatures with a touch of deformity and mutation, these silly bunnies are for you.

Independent artist, Nama Niku, will be bringing all sorts of minifigures to booth #1104, including this Niku Wrestling Alliance Ring collaboration with Eric Nilla.  Sure, you may have all sorts of fantastic MUSCLE wrestlers and maybe even some wrestling rings for them to fight in, but you know you don't have a wrestling ring that is also a wrestler.  Now that's something you know you have to include in your collection!

Get to Designer Con and make it happen! 

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