October 24, 2015

SUCKLE Series Two Pink Colorway Drop!

Readers that have followed my coverage of the Series 2 SUCKLE minifigures know they come with a pretty shoddy, bootleg, seal of approval.

And in case that came off weird, let me clarify - I really dig this set.  It's fun, hilarious, and as ridiculous as you'd come to expect from the Sucklord.  It's dripping with nostalgia and worth looking into.

When I covered previous sets, I said the pink set is the one to look forward to, whenever it comes out...

Well, wait no longer because they sit now in the Sucklord's webstore ready for consumption!  Check them out!  I really can't recommend this set enough.  Also, hit up the tool on the side there to subscribe to more Keshi Drop ramblings and raves.

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