October 4, 2015

Nemo's Factory Gunmetal + Bronze AV Robots Drop!

It's with great news to see the once befallen Nemo's Factory churning and pumping out toys again!

Some readers may remember Dominic of Nemo's Factory experiencing some catastrophic events happening to his home last month.  The toy community banded together, and with help from a fund raiser campaign, he was able to start piecing the things back together.  Of course, I'm sure there is tons left to reassemble, but it's great to see the AV Robot back with a couple new colorways as beacons of strength and hope.

As of October 3rd at 6pm PST, in gunmetal silver and bronze, these bots are dropping in the web-store of Nemo's Factory, and really, I couldn't think of two better figures to check out and snag up, while supplies last.  Also, Tales of Nemo's Factory Issue #1 just hit news stands as well, so if you want to check out the stories behind these mechanized characters, you won't want to miss that either.

The AV Robots are priced at ten dollars a piece and are completely interchangeable and compatible with Glyos family figures, like Skeleton Warriors, MWOTR Goliath, and the Kabuto Mushi.  Please, do yourself a favor and check this drop out.  Support the bounce-back of Nemo's Factory!


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