October 27, 2015

Ironhaus Universe of Violence Wave Two Drop!

Wow, you know I tend to cover a lot of releases, and typically they are a small thing, maybe a new variant or two.  Maybe it's a new set or even maybe just production updates, but wow, do we have something expansive and enormous today.

I suppose if you have the means to go all-out, maybe the best course of action is to do just that.  Ironhaus Productions, a collection of independent artists around the world, have come together to release their Universe of Violence:  Chaos Dimension Wave Two minifigures, but if I left it at that, that would only be the tip of the iceberg.

Wave Two of this series is coming in maybe a literal flood of colorful keshi greatness.  First, you'll see the final print release of Satyrant and Maneater from Wave One in new variants.  Secondly, you'll see these three new characters joining the ranks -  West Nile, Deadface II, and Hell Chicken.  But what's crazy is that these guys are being released in not your typical flesh or glow-in-the-dark colorways only, but they will be available in twelve variants from the get-go.  That's bonkers, but so bonkers it's brilliant, as each color is chosen to match classic keshi lines in the past and present.  You have your Monster In My Pocket neons, like yellow, purple, orange, red, and the rare pine green.  And of course you have your MUSCLE flesh and dark purple.  You even have a hot pink to match all your Artist Proof keshis from October Toys.  The point is, no matter what classic line you collected, there is a variant set that matches for you.

I bet if that was the end of the story, you would be satisfied, and rightfully so.  You're looking at five minifigures with more variants to know what to do with, but of course, I told you earlier this drop is insanely huge.  Coming with Wave Two, this practice shot Iron Viking will be tossed into orders for free, while supplies last.  I absolutely love this guy, and being lucky enough to get him for free is a very exciting option.

Also, because this drop never ends, Ironhaus will be selling miscasts and defections a couple bucks a piece, so the option to really fill up an box of keshi is right there for the taking.  Maybe most people are not into defects and miscasts, like me, but I love the idea of them and collecting sort of the rough draft work from an artist.  Very exciting and awesome stuff!  Check it out by following the link below, and as always, follow Keshi Drop by using the tool on the side there.


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