October 19, 2015

MWOTR: Evolution Talos Prototype Leaks Part Two!

It looks like Talos has fallen into the hands of The Godbeast.  Released earlier this morning, better detailed pictures of the upcoming second figure of the Mystical Warriors of the Ring: Evolution, Talos the bull.

As it's a good-looking prototype to see coming along, it's also great news to see the figure this far into production.  Fans of MWOTR know that The Godbeast is their closer and double-checker.  He gets all the prototypes and put them under his microscope before they hit mass production.  I think many of us are surprised to see Talos this far along in his creation.

With news of the mass production model coming out, it appears some resin versions will be showing up at Designer Con this year as well.  This energetic red bull popped up this afternoon with some notice that he'll be attending in some capacity.  At this time, we can only speculate if that's just to show off or any resin prototypes will be for sale, but when news occurs, I'll certainly share it.

Production updates aside, I think we can all see this guy is going to be one impressive minifigure.  I really became a big fan of the Goliath releases all this year, but I feel this one might beat that champion.  For more news and updates, follow the The Godbeast and Mystical Warriors of the Ring on their websites and on social media.

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