October 15, 2015

Joe Whiteford BrainWaves AP Variant Drop!

If you were following the OMFG Series 4 Kickstarter some time ago, then you certainly recognize this little creature.  Designed by Joe Whiteford, BrainWaves here had a flesh colorway version as a pledge bonus for the Kickstarter backers.

The trickiest thing however, even considered the newest member of the OTMFG cast, he hasn't shown up in any form other than those given to backers... well, except for now.

This variant is a brink pink 'artist proof' colorway and will hitting Joe's web-store Friday, October 16th, with a slew of extra goodies as well.  As teased on his Instagram, there will be stickers, buttons, and shirts as well for those who want to get fully decked out on the BrainWaves.

This is very cool and exciting to see a public release of BrainWaves, however I'm a little surprised not to see some other colorway sooner from October Toys.  Interest has been pretty high on this guy, primarily because he's so hard to find but also because he's a crazy, wild-looking, creature that fits very well into the OTMFG clan.  This weekend is certainly BrainWaves and Joe's time to shine, but it does make me wonder and worry whats been going on in the October Toys side of things.  Maybe I'll write a piece about it soon.


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