September 28, 2015

SUCKLE Series Two Suburban Vinyl + LRG Colorways!

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to the old ramblings on Keshi Drop!  Real quick, I just wanted to mention that Keshi Drop is officially one year and a couple days old!  You know it's a meaningful moment when even I miss it by a couple days.  Also, we are coming very,very, close to ten thousand eyeball views.  Granted, yes, maybe to everyone else in the world neither things are very important, but I do want to make mention of them, because I don't take anything on this site for granted and appreciate it all.  Thank you guys all very much!

Moving on from all that stuff, though, I just wanted to pop in with some more awesome news about SUCKLE Series Two.  As you guys may know, I really enjoyed this set.  It's hilarious and absurd, and certainly one to hunt down.  So far there are sets in flesh, clear, and glow in the dark.  Actually, with this bit of news you can add two more.

Suburban Vinyl has locked down the transparent green set and LittleRubberGuys has the solid white.  Both have their uses for sure!  If you're a transparent bright color nut, like me, the green set has you covered, but if you want to do your own Sucklord bashing, you'll want the solid white for all your customization needs.

If they are not there yet, keep checking in to their respective websites soon!

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