September 21, 2015

Lets Look At Some Future Onion Fights Releases!

Ultimately, I feel this really should be renamed to 'SpiderEarth really needs to learn Japanese' because I feel I have virtually nothing to add to cool finds like these.  Even still, I will try my best and add my thoughts.

Onion Fights is probably one of the coolest and hottest toy lines in the modern age of keshi minifigure collecting.  Taking inspiration from classic Kikkikuman and building it into their own universe of space wrestlers, Onion Fights have climbed in popularity in not just Japan but in America as well.  Their professionally-sculpted figures have unique portions and burst with character and appeal.  It's a shame they are so limited and it's so difficult to get State-side.  Even now, I have yet to own a single one, and I'm sure I am not the only collector with the same plight.

 Despite that, I still very much enjoy seeing their releases, and it looks like they have quite the selection coming out pretty soon.  I have yet to find the information about when and where, but I have found these images on their Twitter and Instagram accounts, showing two new Onion Fight wrestlers called Doraneko Mask and Tacos & Nachos, and possibly a collaboration or a crossover with a horror-themed manga I am unfamiliar with.

All three of these figures look amazing!  And when there are any further news about the releases of these guys, I will certainly share it with you all.  Lets hope that some if not all of them will have an international release, maybe off their website, so more can cross the sea.

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