September 18, 2015

S.U.C.K.L.E. Series Two Review!

It's great day to be checking out keshi minifigures, that's for sure!  Today I just received my Kickstarter fulfillment in the mail from DKE Toys and the Revenge of the SUCKLE (Series Two) sets.

What a massive haul!  

For long time readers, you might remember all the project coverage earlier this year, and how incredible all the support was.  It seemed like every stretch goal they created was busted wide open, and whole project was looking to bank those who backed it a ton of minifigures.  At one point at the end, it was looking like people were going to virtually get a minifigure for each dollar they spent.  It was just such a crazy good bargain, especially for something brand new and basically looking for preorders.

Bargain aside, this set is all sorts of fun.  Sculpted by George Gaspar, of October Toys, Series Two has all the twisted characters in the Suckadelic world you wished was in the first set.  There's Crystal Pharaoh and Mary Paper$, from Toylords of Chinatown, but now also miniature keshi versions of Sucklord bootlegs like Bionic Carrot, Wrecked Souls, and Gay Energon.  Really though, last but not least, there is a keshi version of the Sucklord himself, maybe a little outside his bootlegging persona, from the reality show he starred on Work of Art.

Series Two is a giant grab bag of Sucklord randomness and insanity, and if you're a fan, you're going love every little inside joke and jab each of these minifigures pack.  From Transformers to GI Joe to Dungeons and Dragons to Fisher-Price's Little People, this is a wild set you just have to check out to believe.  My only gripe is I now have to wait for a pink/silver splatter variant.

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