September 23, 2015

Disintegrator CD + Muscle Wolf Keshi Drop!

First off, I want to thank a reader of the blog for bringing this awesome news find to my attention so I can share to everyone here!  Thanks a lot!  I'm only one guy, so I miss a lot of awesome stuff I'm sure, so feel free to send me an email or leave me a comment about something you want me to read up on or cover!

Long-time readers may remember my coverage of the Despair minifigure that was included in Adam Quesnell's comedy album.  It was certainly an impressive little keshi figure to follow, as it went on it's voyage outside the keshi community, and today we have something of the same vein.

Today, let's look at Muscle Wolf in these various colorways, made for the release of Australia's metal band, Disintegrator, and their next album. Slated for an early 2016 drop, Muscle Wolf will be taking a page from Despair's book and will be released alongside their latest heavy metal effort, in many colorways and two different variants (regular and battle-damaged).

If Muscle Wolf interests you, you'll want to act fast.  Even though the album won't be released for another couple months, Muscle Wolf is only going to be included as a preorder bonus.  As far as it stands right now, when these guys are gone, they are gone, and could possibly not see an independent release.  

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