September 4, 2015

Ironhaus Productions Necrolossus Drop!

If I haven't been covering updates on it's development, this one surely has fallen through the cracks in my keyboard, because I certainly have been keeping close tabs.

Called the Necrolossus, this great skeletal beast was sculpted by Ironhaus and produced by Unbox Industries and is part of the Strange Monsters Collection along with other great independent artists.

Set up tentatively for a September 18th, at the LittleRubberGuys web-store, you really can't miss this guy, and for a mere $12, this huge thing is a steal.  Not only is this mammoth minifigure a wrecking ball of keshi goodness, Ironhaus is proving to be one of the underground artists to keep an eye on.  Stuff like the Nercolossus may just be his break-out and destroy everything nearby piece.  Be there on the 18th, because this green is very limited and supplies will not last!

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