September 7, 2015

WWE Micro Maulers Series One Drop!

Some may remember we took some early looks at the WWE Royal Rumble Minfigure Set that was shown at the New York Toy Fair earlier this year.  Here is a link of my coverage if you missed it the first time.

Link to the first look!

It promised to be a cool, inexpensive way for fans of wrestlers and minifigures to score a nice lot for rather cheap.  Ten dollars was the expected price back in February, and, if that stuck, it was a really nice deal.

It's been nearly seven months since our first look, and as things often do, they see revisions and edits.  One thing to cover immediately was is the exclusion of Hulk Hogan, both from the packaging material and from the set.  Some could have speculated that this set was doomed from even being released from the fiasco he created for himself some time ago.  It is nice to see WWE going through the effort of changing it and not just trash-binning the whole project.

The exclusion however, doesn't come without a negative point or three.  The prototype set was slated to have thirty figures, now it's down to twenty-seven.  I suppose it doesn't matter a whole lot, but it would have been nice to see them keep that number.  Also, the colors of plastic have been reduced dramatically to just red and blue.  From the first look, there was many different colors, from purple, brown, and yellow, but that sometimes is the issue with prototyping.  More often than not, they use what materials are left over and easily available.  Color really isn't a factor of consideration.

Another piece of re-visioning is the new name of the set.  It was plainly called WWE Royal Rumble Minifigures at the convention back in February, but since then it's been changed to Micro Maulers.  I gotta' say I really enjoy the name, if for no other reason, that it implies it's not a one-off set.  At this point, they have interest in making more, and that's rarely a bad thing, and this even more apparent when this Royal Rumble set is also called Series One.

The final bit of changing is the price.  It's now been bump up to $12.99 from $10, which is a slight bummer, when you're considering the loss of three figures, but even still, if we were told it was $13 from the start, we would still feel it was a great deal for twenty seven figures and a ring.

And it wouldn't be a drop without some release information!  You can pre-order the set now from Ringside Collectibles and not worry about chasing these guys around the toy stores mid-October.

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