February 20, 2015

WWE Royal Rumble Mini Figure Set Preview!

The 2015 New York Toy Fair has even more news for those that enjoy minifigures and such!   Wicked Cool Toys, the makers of Crashlings, has been working with WWE with some of their oddball releases outside their action figure lines, and this one in particular seems to be a little more interesting than some others.

They are calling it the Royal Rumble Mini Figure Set, which from the picture here appears to be a container full of army men-esque wrestlers with a detachable wrestling ring lid.  The minifigures themselves look to be rather neat, maybe aside from those awful bases stuck to their feet, but for the price I'm not really going to hold them to it.

The price these guys are going to be releasing this figure set for is only ten dollars, which is quite the bargain, considering their might not be much to collect after the initial buy except for possible color variations.  Granted these guys are nothing world-shaking, and somewhat disappointing compared to Kinnikumnan figures, but for the price I think it's worth the support to nudge them further down the minifigures path.  Heck, one can only hope tossing ten bucks down on a silly figure set like this will ensure we will see something better in the future.

Now what the heck is up with all this optimism?

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