February 28, 2015

S.U.C.K.L.E. Series 2 Production Update!

For those who followed and hopfully backed the uber-successful Kickstarter last December, the series two set called Revenge of SUCKLE has a lot of minifigures ahead of them to make.  It's quite the workload for sure, but we've been able to get a little glimpse into how it's going before it's Spring/Summer drop.

So far, these guys look just amazing, and I'm really glad to have gotten into the project when I did.

The green shown in the pictures here are a test shot color and plastic, likely leftovers on whatever production the factory was working on at the time.  It's not to say an army green colorway won't be making it to this line, but under a magnifying glass, you might see they might not be completely up to standard quite yet.  It's why they are only test shots.

Revenge of SUCKLE looks bigger and better than the first, and I can't wait to see some in some hot pink and glitter.  I'll certainly keep everyone posted with more news as it comes out.

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