March 1, 2015

B.Done X Eric Nilla Chameleon Drop!

I'm not sure if it's safe for me to call it a trend, but if it is, I totally support this trend!  Oh sure, independent artists and toy makers get to make all sorts of awesome figures, but we've seen a couple here and there get released from the unlikeliest of places.  I've covered keshi news on comedians, but I haven't done one on a hip-hop artist yet, so let's get on it!

It's called Chameleon, and it's a collaborative piece between hip-hop artist B. Done and keshi artist Eric Nilla, packaged as a solo figure with a random hip-hop accessory, like a boom box or headphones.

This neat little dude was released bright and early today at the Oak City Comic Convention in Durham North Carolina.  It was released as a convention exclusive, but if any parts survive, you'll likely find them in their respective web-stores.  But act really quick!

I get a bit of nostalgia from cross promotional stuff like this.  I reminds me, in some weird way, of collecting bottle caps, cereal box tops, or what have you, to send away for that radical toy.  Sure, it's not anything really close to that, but I like the reemergence of keshi figures getting back into things other than just toy shelves.  If this sort of stuff is anything indicative of the future, it's going to be a great ride.

For more info, check out the links below!

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