March 29, 2015

Own Your Very Own Bearrito!

As you may remember, October Toys did their voting for their OMFG Series 5 line up on their Kickstarter page.  The winners were announced last January, and although a lot of great designs were chosen, the humble Bearrito did not do favorably in those crucial swing states and lost a spot on the list.

Stuff like that doesn't keep a good bear down, even if he has the expiration of a burrito.  Instead, Bleeding Edges and Diehm Studios went forth and produced the woolly minifigure all the same!

So right now, off their web store, you can adopt your very own flesh tone Bearrito!  I enjoy the design and I appreciate independent artists getting out there and doing their thing.

Check out the link below to get your very own and many other cool things from Diehm Studios!

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