March 20, 2015

New Rise Of The Beasts Update!

The LittleRubberGuys team have been working diligently on all their new characters coming to the Rise of the Beasts line.  Despite the fact they are putting out twice as many amazing minifigures than the first wave, progress looks to be going really well.

Released on their Instagram account, these photos give a great inside look to see how well these cool guys are coming along, but keep in mind, these are still in prototype stages.

One thing to note here is that the ant character has had some serious work done to him.  In it's initial stages, it had longer, thinner, antennae, but it seems the team had to complications with that.  I like the bulkier look they have now, however I feel that a large ant abdomen and/or an extra set of arms would have really made the ant character stand out as this sort of exotic insect warrior.

The lizard character has been seeing some work too.  His tail has been fine tuned and worked into having Glyos pegging.

But there's also a couple other characters to look forward to seeing as well, like the lion character and the gorilla character, not to mention, this wave of minifigures will also see our first parts of weaponry.

For more information, follow LittleRubberGuys on Instagram for all the hottest information, and check out the link below for all the rest of your Rise of the Beasts goodness.

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