March 18, 2015

Scott Wilkowski Micro Mail-Away!

I admit, as much as I would enjoy be the first on a topic or even provide early drop news for readers, sometimes I'm just not anywhere that good.  It's hard, but a fun challenge, one I don't take extremely serious.

Today is different though!  Today I have a drop that is open for readers until the hot sweltering days of mid-summer.

Scott Wilkowski is throwing it back old-school.  You should already know him from his amazing see-through resin figures with his own skeletal sculpture inside, but he does all kinds of amazing work outside that too.  Right now, he's doing a classic send-away program, just like you'd see in the back of a comic book or cereal box.  Send him some greenbacks in the mail and expect a goodie sometime later.

This is not just radical, but a pretty good deal as well.  I can't resist the opportunity to do a mail-away like this, even with the thoughts of my parents saying I shouldn't send cash through the mail.  I mean, sure, I could write a check, but that's too safe.  Nope, I'm shoveling driveways and doing chores until I score that ten spot and shoving every last crinkled bill in an envelope, just for old times sake!

PayPal is an ingenious system, and makes hobbying a thousand times easier and safer.  99% of the time I swear by it, but this certainly falls in the one percent, and I suggest everyone gives it some consideration too.

Like I said before, this is also a gnarly deal.  Ten bucks, an envelope, and a stamp gets you a minifigure of this King Kong looking character, possibly handmade and hand-poured by the artist himself, with no shipping charge.  As you can see from the picture, there are many colors available and who knows what you'll find in your mailbox, but that's all part of the excitement too.  Even if you're a hardcore collector, you can't imagine there are too many around of each variant.

The link below is for Scott's website, so please check out what other fine work he has, and after that, go in on the mail-away.  It'll be fun and I'd love to see what everyone gets.

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