February 5, 2015

24 Hour Toy Break Drops!

All this weekend, the team over at October Toys is doing a marathon event filled with news, reviews, auctions, and special guest visits.  It's starts this Friday at 5pm PST and will end 5pm PST the next day.

There hasn't been much talk to what will be happening through the marathon, but it's always been a fun time, and for the first time, it appears I'll be able to hang out through most, if not all, of the event.  So, come chat with me during the event - just don't outbid me on auctions!

Some things were announced however on the latest Toy Break.  This month's OTMFG releases will be on sale a little earlier than usual and will be hitting their online store during the marathon.

The releases this month are a clear purple Zombie Pheyden and a dark blue Mini Gwin.  Another cool announcement is the light blue Toy Break Mascot character being released during the marathon as well.  October Toys announced that his variant of this figure is quite limited and if a light-blue character like interests you, you better dive into the events quick.

Finally, a pack of 10 flesh tone Mordles, both bare flesh and flesh with black details, from the fine people at Toyfinity, exclusive to October Toys, will also be released upon their webstore.

Even if you're not into keshi, all kinds of designer vinyl and art will be there, as well as hot, hot, news from some of the most talented artists in America.  If nothing else, come by and chat will all us collectors.

For more news about 24 Hour Toy Break and all of the October Toys goodness and minifigures, check out the link below!


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