February 13, 2015

Mega Toy Haul 02/13/15!

Hey guys!  As you may know, this last weekend was a crazy one for toy drops and happenings, and today I got a good chunk of the spoils from it's events.  The picture above is a shelf that homes a lot of the newer stuff, but still, some of the other small random things I picked up are crowded on other shelves and unfortunately are not pictured at this time.  Moving on, let's take a look at what I got in the mail today and share some views on them.

Starting off with the tiny stuff not pictured, I grabbed all the of OTMFG releases for this month that were on sale during their 24 Hour Toy Break marathon.  That included the dark blue Mini Gwin, the clear purple Zombie Pheyden, and the light blue Toy Break mascot.  All of these minifigures are variants of others I already own.  Picking these up just expanded my already complete set of them.  I like all of them, but some criticism could go towards the Toy Break mascot for being top heavy and the Mini Gwin for being rather small.  Other than that, these are cool additions to the set and I'll likely continue snagging up these cheap guys as they come along.

Now to the stuff in the picture.  Finally, after some deliberation, I have a quasar, clear pink, set of OMFG series one.  I have the clear red and the maroon variants already, but these guys are just stellar.  I love the color, just as I figured I would.  I'm such a sucker for hot colors and glitter, and these guys stand as some of my favorites right now.

In front of them in the picture, are my first couple sets into ToyFinity's Mordles minifigure line.  These guys are pretty neat, all sharing some sort of trait together, while having little differences, they certainly feel like a species of alien creatures.  I picked up both the unpainted flesh set and the black detailed set, and I like them both equally.  They are a little on the small side, but for only a dollar each, you really can't go too wrong.

Finally, but certainly not least, I have the second series of Kinnikuman x Georgia Coffee promotional keshi figures, straight out of land of the rising sun.  I love how wacky and juxtaposed these figures are to their natural buff and wrestling poses, but there is one big difference with this new set that I never considered, covering it the first time.  The keshi in this set is noticeably smaller than before.  And, really, of course it should be - the set is twice as big, doubling up on room on the coffee can.  I guess I never really thought of what it meant when I was going to get two figures instead of one each bubble, but it makes perfect sense now.  The figures aren't small enough to not fit in scale, but compared to the first set, they look rather tiny.  But what's odd, is that they are actually more to scale to classic Kinnikuman figures this set than before.  I wonder why I didn't notice the first set was so large...  Hmmmm...  But even still, some of the minifigures in this set are just perfect and I'll certainly be looking out for series three, if it's ever a thing.

Anyway, that's what I got in the mail!  All great stuff!  And I'm sure more is on the way, so I'll be back soon with them to share!  Thanks for stopping by!

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