February 5, 2015

Onion Fights x Punk Drunkers Drop!

Collaborations in the toy community sometimes bring the coolest products forward.  There's something about the collision of two different artistic minds coming together that brings out the very best for us collectors and supporters, and really, I think this stranger-than-hell guy is a perfect example of just that.

Slated for a February 8th release, this mash-up between keshi studio Onion Fights and fashion designers Punk Drunkers is just perfect for a collector like me.  Let's be real for a second - this guy, and in particular his facial expression, is just bonkers, but I love that.  His body has that thick, chunky, Kinnikuman-esque form we've come to expect from Onion Fights, but wow, this guy is all about that freaky face that the artists involved executed flawlessly.

If you had a curious house guest looking over your keshi collection, I would have to imagine this minifigure alone would spark curiosity and conversation.  This guy, with that almost serial killer-like stare, is so captivating and enthralling, it's hard to not stare, even as odd as he looks.  If that was the intention, then I would consider it a home run.

If you can't see it in the fine print there, he'll be on sale for 1,800 yen (about $15) from the Punk Drunkers web-store.  Readers here may know how restricted my keshi budget is most times, and usually I would say something like this would be a bit too much, but I think this guy is quite the exception.  I'd hate to say it so early in the year, because it's only February, but I am in just in love this figure and I'm not sure if I can connect to another keshi as much as this freak this year.  I just have to own one.  I just hope they ship to the States.

And you can own one too!  Click the link below for info and more awesome things Punk Drunkers have up for sale!


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