February 19, 2015

Grossed Out 6: The Day The Earth Stood Gross!

It seems like if it's not Wonderfest in Japan, or a marathon in California, it's certainly the Toy Fair in New York City.  I just can't catch a break with all the news, drops, and everything, but I'm not complaining.  It just means it's shaping up to be an awesome 2015 for minifigures.

These guys were announced just recently at the Toy Fair from the awesome guys at Moose Toys.  You know from my past posts, I enjoy Moose's stuff, well, mostly.  I keep them in my radar and always give them a shot.

This go around, they announced they are coming out with a blind bag series called Ugglys Pet Shop.  It's a minifigure version of the hand puppets they released under the same name, but this time seem to be following the Trash Pack model.

I'm a sucker for animals.  I love dogs, cats, birds, everything, so these guys are so ugly they are cute, but what about them as minifigures?  They appear a bit larger than Trash Pack, which isn't completely a deal-breaker, but they are completely covered in paint, which, on top of that, might just keep them on the store shelves for me.

The coolest thing, oddly enough, with these guys is that these minifigures come with little plastic models of poop, and even stranger, rare chase golden poop.  Exactly how rare these poop pieces will be, and if anyone will really be shredding boxes to get them is still up in the air, but it's certainly a cool added bonus in a set I would probably otherwise not get into.  

I'll be honest, there's a lot I like and don't like with these guys, so I imagine I'll grab the ones I like the most in auctions and be done with them, but I suppose we will have to see if that's what will truly happen.

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