September 1, 2015

Brownnoize Production Spinning Head Sunshine Bodies!

I occasionally cover bootlegs and kit-bashed mini-figures. In my opinion, I feel there are only select situations where it's inappropriate.  I feel most of the times, much like the sketchy downloading of music, everything eventually routes back to the trademark owner's wallet.  Of course, not every case, but generally, in the long run, you will profit from interested fans of your product.

And that's just the most unimaginative of bootlegging and kit-bashing.  This is saying nothing of those who wander into trademarked territory with absolutely ingenious ideas, never done by it's original owners, for those who remain faithful of the product.  That's more or less what I wanted to speak of today.

Brownnoize Production's 3D printed Spinning Head Sunshine Bodies are just that - ingenious.  Designed and created to hold a beloved mini-figure like Spinning Head Sunshine from Mattel MUSCLE/ Kinnikuman in Japan, this keshi mini-figure would have no other way of standing.  Made to resemble a top, these figures would sit on shelves on it's side, upside down, or ever roll off altogether.  Now, creative minds like Brownnoize Productions gives him legs.

I love this sort of stuff!  And when I think of the flack amazing artists get for working in the grey areas of trademark stuff, I can't help but take their sides.  These guys are giving the fans what they are looking for, all the while producing things missed by the original creators.  If you too are amazed by Brownnoize Productions stuff, check out his web-store through the link below!

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