December 20, 2015

OTMFG BrainWaves Black Colorway Drop!

I've pointed out in previous updates that 2015 hasn't really been a year that brought a lot of love and attention to October Toys' OTMFG.  In years past, they would see a scheduled monthly drop that excited a lot of fans, but this year it just wasn't there in full-force.  Not to repeat myself or to harp it on much, it's great to see they are not forgetting it this holiday season and they are finishing year off with some keshi love.  And who else should we see, but the lone warrior of 2015 itself, BrainWaves.

Out now, this lump of coal variant of the hot new addition to the OTMFG line-up and the only known variant to the figure since the writing of this update.  So far, to my knowledge, there are only this black version and the flesh version, so if you are like me, getting this one might just complete your set.

But if you are a completionist like me sometimes, you might be interested to know they have a lot more than just this variant, if you are looking to start a collect off big or looking to wrap one up.  I'm talking about eight Zombie Pheyden colorways, two Brocotal colorways, the flesh Baby Deadbeet, and five elusive Mini Gwin variants that are all still available, so check them out!   It's all just a couple bucks each!

Alright guys, until next time!

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