February 19, 2017

IronHaus Productions' Gorewad Monsters Review!

Sometimes, even the lowest of the low get lucky.  Sometimes, even the most professional afternoon nappers and bedtime sleepers wander to the front of a long line.  Such is the case, at least this time, with your Crazy Uncle SpiderEarth.  I've covered IronHaus' drops before, maybe just to transcribe the flashes in time where something was being sold then immediately sells out moments later.  This time is really no different, but at least this time I was there to capitalize and capture some goods to review for old blog.

IronHaus Productions is a ground-level company with just a few independent artists collaborating to make the highest quality stuff they can, and for those who enjoy the artist-to-hand experience, IronHaus has to be on your radar.  There's no middle man, no demographic test groups, no board of directors to answer to, or quota to reach.  It's pure creativity and ingenuity, realized in a physical form by the artist themselves, sent directly to the people attracted to it, and have been an 80's kid with action figures, it's a breath of fresh air.

Within the last few years, I've bought a couple interesting action figures of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Playmates.  I would argue these skew vastly towards the toy experience than the art experience, but it won't take you long to notice, somewhere along it's creation and production, it was compromised as such.  A true artist sketched it out.  A true artist sculpted it with his or her hands.  You can tell from all the minor details across the figure that never gets a paint application.  Somewhere before the figure is packaged and put on the shelf, the artists involved are removed from the equation.  It just becomes a toy and a product, and to some extent, that's perfectly fine.  I would argue, after decades of that, you'd grow to appreciate something like IronHaus' mini-figures a little more.

I recently received a litter of the recent Gorewad Monsters in the mail, and I was rather impressed with just how detailed and wild these things were. Their size was rather small, about the size of what you'd expect of Trash Pack mini-figures, but the amount of detail was insane.  What size are their fingers?!  What are they sculpting these mini-figures with?!  A single hardened hair?!  What's going on here?!  I can't sculpt a bowling ball without leaving an entire hand-print around the thing.  How are these guys this well-done and this small?  If the answer isn't just raw talent, it's a question too complicated for my spider brain.

I've rambled on for quite a bit already.  IronHaus' Gorewad Monsters are some really top-notch independent mini-figures.  They are crazy, wild, imaginative, and really well-sculpted.  You have no problem reading the character off each sculpt.  You know which ones are the slimy ones, the stinky ones, and the ones that just go around screaming, by just looking at them.  I would absolutely recommend these to anyone looking for a bit more of a personal touch to their toys, however the secret is already out.  Like other independent studios, their stock sells out almost immediately after the drop, so you'll have to be extra diligent and aggressive to get your hands on your own.  But when you do, it's worth it.

For more information, please check out the IronHaus website below.

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