February 8, 2017

Retroband's "Yuuge Waste" Receives Second Drop!

I've kept this place pretty non-political, but I have to say right here, I'm going to gush about this piece for a little bit.  I think this last election completely crushed my spirit about yammering about agendas and all that.  I think it still has, but I think this update is on a different strand of thought.

Welcome, eyeballs, to Retroband's 'Yuuge Waste', a politically-charged mini-figure for those who aren't fans of the guy or people who just like to be punk rock jerks.  For a controversial piece, I really enjoy it, not because it satisfies some deep hatred I have of the guy, but because it's raw, vicious, and straight to the point, in my honest opinion.

If I was to ask you what you first think of when you think of Donald Trump, before the presidency or even the election cycle, you might think of large golden letters on a tall building or casino, a boss-man character on The Apprentice, huge stacks of money, and maybe other things.  But here is Retroband's 'Yuuge Waste' spray-painting the side of the casino with his brown turd sculpture.  Does it penetrate that central thought and idea of The Don and/or rather does it now represent him more accurately than in the past?  Questions only for the viewing public can answer, and no two will be the same.

But what I really love about this piece is that it puts it's money where it's mouth is.  It's one thing to stir the pot and to cause a ruckus, just to cause chaos or awareness.  There's some merit to that, I suppose, but proceeds from the sales of 'Yuuge Waste' go towards Planned Parenthood charities.  That's pretty awesome, to add an extra element of importance to a piece that's already looking to be red hot with controversy, and I can appreciate the effort of doing something you feel is right, besides just capitalizing on current events and making a quick buck.

The best news is that 'Yuuge Waste' is seeing his second drop coming Friday February 10th 12pm CST at the Retroband web-store.  This guy flew under the radar the first time on a lot of collectors, myself included, but enough people called for a encore, so we're lucky to see a rare sequel this weekend.  If this sort of thing tickles your political or bad-boy bone, be there or you might be sh*t out of luck.


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