January 28, 2017

Late To the Party! Eric Nilla X Deadly Delivery Drop!

Hey, guys and gals,  my apologies on this one, as I really meant to be more punctual on this one, but yesterday became too much of a tornado of other events to allow me to jump on the computer.  Nevertheless, it looks like luck is on our side this time.

With positive vibes generated by amazing independent still kickin' it in the keshi community, we had the Gorewads announcement from Ironhaus Productions just a few days ago and yesterday evening, Eric Nilla released a drop of mega proportions.

The first part of it being new bouncy-rubber variants to the Critter, with one set being a colorful glow-in-the-dark set and the other being a thermal cat capsule set.  As much as I think a bouncy glow-in-the-dark Critter may be, there's some primal instinct, maybe the fact I've been on the Internet way too long, some cosmic pull from the kitteh Critters.  Is the the bonus cat capsules, the mini-figures, or the stickers?  I don't know, but I feel some mighty strong witchcraft with this one.

The second part is the first ever collaboration with Deadly Delivery, producing this ominous golden totem head.  It was excellently advertised as the final treasure for a certain adventurer, before the whole temple came crashing down.  So if you're into that sort of risk, I would implore you investing in this gold.

The last part is a collection of nearly-impossible-to-find mini-figures, now in easier-to-find bootleg variants in a much more reasonable price than what you can expect to find them for in the secondary market.  This portion of the drop may strike some collectors in a not so positive way, but I feel there is an argument for their acceptance.  They are neither replicating the originals color ways or value.  They are distinctively reproduced and not ashamed to flaunt it.  I feel they are a good alternative to collectors who love these sculpts, feel they need these sculpts, but for one reason or another, never checked it off their bucket list.  Now, in a way, they can.  Just don't hurt their feelings too much about their collections being "not entirely" complete.

The best part of the news is that, from the moment I am writing all this, all of these are still in stock to some regard.  I imagine they won't be for much longer, but at least I made it in before the bell rang.  Do yourself a solid and check out the link below, and snag up anything you like, while you can.


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