January 25, 2017

Ironhaus Productions Announces New Wave of Gorewads!

You know me, whenever I share anything negative or depressing, I'm quick to bury it in something a bit more uplifting.  And with that, I am excited to share that one of my favorite independent artists Ironhaus Productions is coming out with another wave of Gorewards!

And all I can say is 'Good, because the last wave sold out in minutes!'

But that's exactly what happens with in the independent toy scene.  When certain studios gather enough of a crowd and create a large enough fan base, and they love each other very much...  they... sell... out... quickly...  and...

Revealed to come out sometime next week, I'll make sure to update you with more exact information when I find it.  However, if it's anything like last time, you won't want to rely on me to get you to the front of the line.  Follow Jimmy on Instagram and check out his website regularly for more updates.

UPDATE:  Release date has been announced to be 2/10/17.


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