January 19, 2017

Electric Monarchy! Greeendayo! Toy Geeks: BTC!

Hey, everyone, welcome back to Keshi Drop!  I'm flying in here before the workload gets anymore huge and backed-up.  Hopefully nothing feels too old, because I feel a lot of great stuff is coming out or being worked on, and if I don't just share all the excitement now, it'll pass me by.

Firstly, on the docket, the crew at Electric Monarchy has been super busy.  Not only has Bukkake been announced to having a purple colorway variant called Purple Rain, but a select number of Pug Burger pictures of test pulls have surfaced over social media.  Another Bukkake is great news, and hopefully purple is the missing piece in a lot of collections out there, but the production news and updates of Pug Burger has me very curious.

Seeing this dude in physical form, while still not in-hand, seems a lot less menacing that I had first assumed.  That's what you get with me, if you haven't learned that already.  I get psyched up pretty easy and try to find little details about things.  I yank on some string I feel is crucial to the whole work, hoping the whole sweater comes undone and I've discovered some secret.  More often than not, I'm just wrong, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate this guy.  I just feel this guy, more than I expected, falls into the laps of fans and collectors of Madballs and all the keshi, resin, and vinyl mini-figures that have come out inspired by them.

Hey, that's completely cool and there is certainly a market for that.  In fact, I believe I had one or two Madballs growing up, phrasing?, but as cool as I remember it being, I don't think it resonated to me as much as other things, even despite how it feels like it should have in retrospect.  I remember it being a foam ball with paint applications, and after months of hard squishing, I think it sort of fell apart and I focused on other toys.  Other fans and collectors, I am sure, have different stories to tell, so I hope they give Pug Burger a chance to recapture some of that.  I certainly will be interested, even if it's not the wildly offensive and disgusting keshi of my dreams.

Another interesting piece I came across comes from Japan via Instragram.  I do apologize, I know very little about this piece, the people behind it, and any release information.  But I just wanted to share a look at something that caught my eye, and something I really do what to know more about.  From username Greeendayo on Instagram, this Tiger Mask mini-figure looks gorgeous.  It's a very well done piece indeed, with stout stature and chubby proportions, the piece looks brilliant and fierce standing on it's own.  Fans of Mystical Warriors of the Ring, as well as just Kinnikuman in general, need to look this guy up and see what's happening with this guy.  From what I am surmising his the artist's blog, I am reading that this guy is coming out for the 2017 Winter Festival, but I could easily be wrong about that.  I Really enjoy this guy in both muscle flesh tone and black.  If anyone has any more information about this mini-figure or even just the artist or company involved or release info, please leave me a comment or email me.  Thanks!

And my final piece of news and excitement today is a new toy show happening on YouTube.  It's called Toy Geeks: Behind the Counter, and although it's new, a lot seems very familiar if you've been around the American toy world in the last few years.  It's curiously starring a good chuck of the Toy Break crew, which might naturally lead into some behind the scenes speculation, but that's nowhere I want to go or worry about.  That sort of stuff tends to happen when it comes with teams and crews of all sorts, so there's no need to pry into personal matters and whatnot.  I'm just glad the toy scene is still reaching out and creating excitement with their fans.  Episode 1 of the show was quite entertaining, if not a little shorter than I expected, but production levels were distinctively improved.  I would suggest you follow the link below, give it a watch, and subscribe for further volumes.  Granted there wasn't any keshi on the show, but that's where we come in.  We gotta' make our voices heard and have them ogle at all sorts of keshi mini-figures, and with George right there, I'm sure it wouldn't be much of a difficult coup.

Okay, that's all for me today!  Thanks a lot of dropping by and reading my words.  Sorry this is more or less a check-out-the-cool-things-I-found update, but this might be a trend in the following months until I know I can hit up the computer reliably.  I hope that's cool, but if it's not, you furiously huck your mini-figures through my windows.  A part of me won't even mind.


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