January 1, 2017

Happy New Years + Life Update!

Welcome back,everyone, to Ye Ole Drop once again, and a belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Reflecting on 2016, I can't wait for 2017.  The sooner we can forget this string of movie star and musician deaths, the political disemboweling, and wonky weather patterns the better!  On the whole, however, keshi has been pretty damn good this year!  The news of Kinkeshi coming back was a walk-off home-run out of the blue.  Super7's continued interest in crossing movie and video game franchises with small rubber figures is a plus, and talented independent artists around the world delivered more excellently than before.

I'm not one for Year End Awards or much reflection.  My focus is always on the forward.  What's next?  What's the next chapter?  How can this evolve and continue?  How can we keep surprising people?  What companies will come and what companies will go?  How will this community transform?  And that's why I am excited to see what a new year will bring, however, I do have a bit of update of sorts to announce with everyone.

Last December, I was quite absent.  It wasn't just holidays or the shopping rush or even the lack of keshi news, drops, happenings, and all that.  In fact, there was a quite a lot that fell through my fingers, so I hope in that regard you have a collection of bookmarked blogs and websites to capture every corner for you collection.  I am truly sorry for those who masochistically visited too often to find too little, but I am afraid I am powerless to a huge change in my life.

Without anymore fiddling around, at the joint-crackling age of 32, Crazy Uncle SpiderEarth is having a baby.  Actually, I don't have a huddle of spider eggs on me particularly, but my girlfriend does, and it's been a head rush, to say the least.   It's something we've always discussed, but nothing we ever thought we were capable of doing.  She's a normal human woman.  I'm a giant puking spider.  Things just weren't in the cards, or so we thought, so we were going to live our happy lives with tiny dogs, mini-figures, and loud rude music, but I suppose you should never rely on the nevers or always in life.  As small of a chance as something is, give it enough time and that one percent will happen.

So, as I have been wanting to jump on and talk keshi mini-figures, my mind has been completely elsewhere, but that's not to say this a permanent state of mind now.  Right now, in these early stages, we are making sure the homestead is ready and comfortable for our new addition due this summer, but I think it will plateau out eventually.  Eventually everything will be in order and my mind can dial it back some.  I think this first stage will be the most dramatic.

It's still so wild to think about, but I couldn't be happier for my girlfriend, myself, and our new transforming family.  She's been such a wonderful rock for me.  There have been numerous times I've frantically written some garbage and had her look it over, just so one pair of sensible eyes give it a once over before I have to answer the Internet for my transgressions.  She's been the cool, collected, mind reassuring me to continue on doing things as raw and uncompromising as I first intended.  She's been the secret force behind the Keshi Drop, keeping me from editing out things I have grown to have second thoughts about, 3am in the morning in my underwear.  She's also been a blank slate when it comes to reviewing a mini-figure.  Where I may have clouded my judgment with enthusiasm or nostalgia, she has offered opinions from a new point of view.  And on another special occasion, she's helped me execute my more manic plans by being my model for the photo I took for Electric Monarchy's Bukkake.  Is that how babies are made?  She's been a such a great source of support, intelligence, and character, I am very grateful to be voyaging on this new adventure with her, but let me make one thing perfectly clear, just so there is no confusion with my plans for the future...

Keshi Drop is going nowhere.  I am still going to be right here, being rude, being weird, and getting too wrapped up and involved in every keshi conspiracy that comes our way.  There will just be a new member of the team.  Will the baby enjoy keshi?  Will it be a keshi purist or someone more reasonable?  Will he or she want to express themselves in text and ramble about toys?

Stay tuned.

Much love, everyone.  Thank you, from the bottom of my spider heart, for another fun year.  I am extremely sorry I have been ghostly recently, but I won't always be.  Things will return to normal.  Until then, I want to thank everyone who ever visited the site, read an article, dropped a comment, sent me an email, hit me up on Instagram and followed my exploits there.  I've said it before, but I first started this site, selfishly just for myself, just so I had my own corner of the web to talk to myself about toys and crap, but I wasn't allowed to be alone for very long.  My thoughts and opinions weren't weird and off-base enough, and before I knew it, I have made friends in almost every time zone, all shared in the love of keshi weirdness.  It's wilder than wild, and I am truly fortunate.  Even when I look at my bank account and I can't pull enough scratch for every drop I want, I would prefer this sort of fortune.  You guys have made this so special for me and I can't wait to see where it goes in the coming years.

Thank you all very much.


  1. Congratulation on your girlfriend and you!

    Happy new year !

    1. Thank you very much and Happy 2017 to you too!

  2. Congrats man! You rock!
    - Electric Monarchy