September 30, 2014


I have to admit, one awesome thing I liked about 90's toys, and maybe late 80's too, was the tongue-in-cheek gross-out humor.  They used it all:  boogers, vomit, guts, slime, crap, farts, and probably a lot more.  Maybe I was younger and a lot less mature and just naturally found that stuff enjoyable and funny, but maybe I was a little weird too.  Now, I have even less of an excuse, but still some new toy lines are released to get into.

I came late to the party, but apparently the die-hard crowd of Garbage Pail Kids shouted at Topps over the years, and finally the collectible card company gave in.  GPK was back, with cards and Minikins, a cool blind-bag set of minifigures, inspired by their retro Cheap Toys line.

For those uninitiated, blind-bags are products that give you a certain amount of figures inside, but what figures they are in the set is random.  GPK was pretty smart in including just about every sort of variant.  Painted for those who like that, monochromatic versions for those like me, and ultra mega turbo rare black monochromes for those completionists out there.

Making it's way around the states now is a new toy line called Slimy Sludge.  Slimy Sludge is a blind-bag minifigure set with two separate collections.  There's the Rotten Zombies that come in a purple plastic and the sludge monsters that come in green.  Also, there is an interesting twist:  the bags are also filled with old-school slime, just like you'd get in gumball machines back in the day.

Even with the small paint detail, I can't wait to see them around, even if it's just more popular on second markets like Ebay.  Apparently, they are from a larger set from a European country that also has slimy fish, robots, and a few others that escape me now.

I'm not sure why I love the gross-out stuff, but it's tons of fun to me.  I guess they just scream of old school toy lines, and I hope it catches on.


  1. excellent excellent excellent! Glad to see you in the mix! Mebbles gave me the heads up and I am lovin what I am seein! Way off the track for BMU but I am hoping to pick up the occasional link that I can pass to my readers/listeners

    Keep it up!
    Beam Me Up

    1. I have something in mind just for the Beam Me Up followers!