October 1, 2014

Beam Me Up!

I haven't seen them in person yet, but I'm sure they are invading toy shelves around the country as we speak.  It's the Crashlings from Wicked Cool Toys, and I admit, I really dig these guys.  In their initial set, they have 150 minifigures to collect, from aliens to monsters to dinosaurs and insects.

They come pseudo-blind bag form with a blister package revealing a one or two minifigures to set your collection.  The rest are hidden inside rubber meteors that function as a popper for your Crashlings.  Separate your meteor in halves,turn one half inside out, place a Crashling inside, and watch it fly through the air.  Cool gimmick, I suppose.

The big draw for me is that haven't gone overboard with the Crashling minifigures themselves.  They are almost fully unpainted, which is a plus for classic collectors, and they look to be the right 1-2 inch size.  They do have paint applications on eyes and tongues and such, but that doesn't kill it for me.  If paint was covering them, then maybe.

There are also rare variants that are molded in a metallic silver or gold plastic, which is always a welcome addition to a set.  Chase figures are always fun to pull from a blind bag, box, or in this case meteor.

I certainly look forward to collect these little guys when they crash land in my area.


  1. "Separate your meteor in halves,turn one half inside out, place a Crashling inside, and watch it fly through the air."
    These remind me of Snailiens! lol

    --And these seem very awesome! I'll have to check around for the prices :3

    1. The prices seem very reasonable; also I found an unboxing video:

    2. Ahhh! Those full-body suits haunt me!

    3. *Giggles* All I was searching for was Crashlings. I liked the video so much that I think I'll put that on my blog as "best unboxing video I've ever seen" XD

  2. Replies
    1. Ya!

      Also, I found out these Crashlings have play set stuff as well, even a space ship! I think the prices I saw on the Toys R' Us were going for 10 dollar for a 10 pack, which is decent because all the added stuff you get with the figures (not to mention Amazon's prices at the moment are pretty high for these)