October 11, 2014

Mystical Warriors of the Ring!

I've covered a few mass-produced minifigure lines so far, but this time, I'd like to showcase something smaller and independent.  The guys at Fantastic Plastic Toys have created a line they call Mystical Warriors of the Ring, and really, it's has the potential to grow into something more than just the toy line.

They have created a federation full of anthropomorphic animal wrestlers, all battling for the championship belt.  They have rivalries and character depth.  Even their releases are named after a particular wrestling event their characters participate in.  Records are kept and characters win and lose championships.

You can tell these guys grew up loving Kinnikuman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The blend is nearly seamless with modern availability.  The fact that you can not just enjoy the minifigures but follow the exploits of your favorite character is something really not done in a lot of toy lines.

So far, they have one PVC release of three miniatures with a few variant colorways, but they have limited-edition resin releases a bit more frequently.  At this time, there has been some speculation that the second release could be on it's way in the near future.  Along with the awesome keshi, they made a plastic ring for your minifigures to wrestle in, as well as ring-side battle mat for added effect.  And if that wasn't enough, they have a wide arrange of clothing for sale too.

In my collection, I have the flesh set of PVC figures with the ring.  They are very high-quality and fit nearly perfect along side my other keshis.  I certainly can't wait to see their second PVC release and grow as a company.

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