October 16, 2014

Lucas Would Have Drowned Them In Paint!

As much as I like Japanese keshi, I do wish American toy companies would add more to the mix.  Granted great companies like October Toys and all kinds of artists are doing their part, but I think I mean something more mass-produced.

Is there anyone really any bigger than Hasbro?

If not out now, coming very soon, is a new Star Wars toy line from the toy giant.  It's called Star Wars Command and, although not perfect, a good stab for Hasbro, for sure.

But first, let's be honest.  Command is not meant to be keshi - they just meet a lot of qualities keshi collectors like.  I see Command as trying to be their own Star Wars-themed army men.

They are two-inch scale, virtually-monochromatic, minifigures of all the characters, troopers and jedi, alike.  They do have vehicles, but they don't really appeal to me.  They are neither in-scale or single piece.  I do however dig a lot of the infantry figures, even with the goofy bases.

There are a few rare figures sprinkled in when you purchase certain sets, as well, which is a smart move   for the hardcore collectors.  As for myself, I doubt I will go crazy for this line, but I think I will support it with a purchase here and there, just enough to get a couple cool droid figures.  American minifigures always need the love.

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