October 2, 2014

Grossed-Out 2 Electric Boogerloo!

Moments after posting my first blog about slimy minifigures, I couldn't believe I forgot one of the all-time classic in slimy, ugly-looking, toy lines.  How could I have ever let Miniboglins off my initial impression.  Wow, such a slip up there, but maybe I was speaking more of my personal experience growing up.

I had one of the regular sized Boglin puppets growing up, and it was a great toy.  I would have really enjoyed the minifigure line too, but I think that kept close to Europe for the most part.  I do have a small bit in my collection, but I'm always looking for more.

Although not slimy, Boglins and Miniboglins were mutated-looking swamp monsters that had a Gremlins look to them.  They had the perfect look for scary yet cute monster characters.

While I am here, I did forget to mention a couple new lines that also should get a mention.  The first is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Mutagen Ooze from Nickelodeon and Playmates.  The canister for the ooze and minifigure is exactly what the ooze containers look like in the cartoon, so it's very cool you can bring home something that looks like a life-size prop.  Inside, you get a nice glob of various colored ooze, primarily metallic blue-green, with a random tiny pre-mutated ninja turtle figure.

The minifigures are cool, but there are not too many to collect.  A complete set is only four, one for each of the brothers, but I suppose that makes sense too.  It would have made sense to see a bigger collection, but I suppose it's best for the younger crowd to get all the turtles the easiest.  I'm also not sure what they could have done to make the set bigger, aside from chase variants.

To close out part two, I want to make mention of the Marvel Test Tube Goos that are hitting stores now.  Now, I do understand Marvel might not be in the keshi scene, so I shouldn't expect too much.  Even so, these fall really short for me.  I do have some random Marvel minifigures in my keshi collection, and I would have loved to add some more American characters into the lot, but these guys are not making the cut.

It's okay that's it's not necessarily random.  Inside the Hulk tube you get a Hulk figure, and I'm okay with that.  In fact, the metallic gold goo is pretty impressive, but the figures have one enormous flaw.  For whatever reason, the figure inside the tube is connected to the inside of the cap and cannot be removed.  This leaves the figure always standing on a giant unattractive figure base, unless you feel confident enough to start hacking it with a knife.  Even freeing it with a knife or something, doesn't that immediately ruin any sort of value between collectors?  They could have easily used the same material on both the figure and the cap, but refused to use more than one mold.  That is unfortunate, because I feel that would be a giant deterrent to classic keshi figures, effectively making it a product just for ooze fans.  So, then why make the figure at all?

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