October 20, 2014

Following Limiteds: USA Edition!

I had written a previous post about how awesome it is in Japan to see cross-promotion limited-edition keshi, and how exciting it is to chase after those miniatures.  Well, speak of the devil, maybe literally, it looks like America is doing their own just in time for Halloween

Adam Quesnell is an American-born stand-up comedian.  He has a new CD coming out very soon.  What makes this even more interesting, is that he's an toy-collecting crazy-person too, so with the release of his album, he's releasing a limited-edition minifigure of his own design.

It's called 'Despair' and it looks really awesome.  It's sculpted and made by some of my favorites in the toy scene right now: October Toys and Disarticulators Studios.  It looks like some devil-version of him holding his microphone, and looks to be released on or very close to Halloween.

What's the coolest, is that it's not a marketing ploy to get extra money.  Each Despair figure comes with a code to download the album for free. There is no price for the figure yet or definitive date of release, but I'll share those details when I get them myself.

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