October 8, 2014

Toy Haul 10/08/14!

The tricky thing about collecting 80's/90's minifigures, is that you can't readily get them in stores anymore.  Amazon may still have products mint on card, but the price of those sort of items never appealed to me.  Ebay is a good secondary market site, and you can certainly find some awesome deals, but just the same, you can find that same old Ebay strangeness and stigma.

I tend to be dealing a lot more with a couple community forums.  These are great!  They are full of other collectors, artists, and all other sorts of enthusiasts.  Forum members are generally infinitely better to deal with, have a better idea what certain pieces are worth, and aren't just trying to make a quick buck like some resellers on Ebay, for example.

One thing great about these communities is that everyone is very generous to everyone.  I learned quick that generally every trade to make, you add some extras.  This means you also get a few random goodies in every package you get in the mail.  It's a great way to be introduced in keshi lines you may never knew existed or maybe didn't consider collecting until then.

Today I received one such package.  The trade was for extra October Toys minis I had extra, so I was quite happy with getting anything I didn't already have.  Real quick, let's go through the haul and see what makes the cut to go in my main keshi collection.

The first three (orange, green, and red) are Monster In My Pockets I don't own yet.  The orange Bishopfish in particular was something I traded for.  I remember having a pink one when I was a child.  Classic line and virtually the top American keshi.[in main collection]

The aliens on the side (blue and green) are familiar American figures to me, but it escapes me from where.  They are soft and flimsy, with the green one having some tears, here and there.  They could actually be erasers [not in main collection.  will be sent out as extras]

The yellow guy is a figure from the Snailiens toyline.  Snailiens were awesome!  They are single-mold figures that came with armor and other goodies.  I was just sent a random solo figure with some wear.  Very cool to see him anyway.  [not in main collection]

The mutli-colored figure is a miniature of Tomahawk from the Megaman franchise.  A very neat figure, but doused in paint.  [not in main collection]

The last two figures (purple and green) are small, hard plastic pencil toppers, I think.  They are halloween themed, with one being a monster and the other a witch.  Surprisingly cool, although I have doubts they are worth much at all.  A good thing to mention they are virtually paintless accept for a little in the face. [in main collection]

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